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About life itself is grace

I’m unfailingly astounded by Buechner’s wisdom when he tells us that life is grace, in boredom and pain and excitement and gladness.  This little corner of the internet is my opportunity to listen to and wonder about and marvel at that grace.

About Heidi


I’m a reluctant Phoenician (it’s slowly growing on me), an Anglican, a proud Wheaton College grad, an Algebra teacher by day (yes, seriously), and a lover of coffee, words, and adventure — all at the same time, if possible.

I read voraciously as a child, and wrote grandiose stories of my own.  I hope the writing has gotten a little more down-to-earth since then, but my love for stories, and my deep, idiosyncratic need to process my thoughts through meandering prose hasn’t changed at all.

I’m learning more about myself, and about my God, and the peculiarities of his work on this earth and in my life every day and with every sentence.  And that’s been the most beautiful adventure of all.

“What to do? Think and create and love people and give of self like mad.  Go outward in love and creation and maybe you will fall into knowing what you want simultaneously as what you want walks by your picket gate.”

-The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

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